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To Maximize Profits By This Time Tomorrow...
From Traffic To DFY Templates And EVERYTHING In-Between See How To Plug & Play Your Way To Repeat Profits: 
See How To Plug & Play Your Way To Repeat Profits: 
Choose a product to promote 
Plugin a proven funnel template optimized for your promotion 
Send traffic, make sales,
rinse and repeat 
Copy & Paste System
For PROVEN Results
100% Beginner Friendly
 NO Experience Needed
Includes Automation
& Funnel Hacks To
SCALE Your Profits
Passive Profits
24/7 In Any Niche
DFY Templates, Resources & Training Included
Maximize Affiliate Commissions AND Profits From Your Own Products
Sam Bakker here and on behalf of JVZoo and myself, welcome to JVZoo Academy Funnels Edition.

We developed this training to help marketers maximize sales & profits from EVERY prospect.

Because we’ve seen too many people work too hard …

Leave all kinds of money on the table … And eventually give up. We DON’T want that to happen to you.

Your access to JVZoo Academy Funnels will give you the fundamentals of higher conversions and sales. As complete as the training is, it’s up to you to apply … which will take some time, research and effort.

So I’d like to introduce you to a special addition that will let you take the information and successfully use it to create top converting funnels much faster and with far less effort.

We’ll lay out everything you’ll ever need - step by step, including shortcuts and templates … So you’ll quickly be able to set up high converting funnels for ANY promotion.

Because as soon as you apply CONVERTING funnels to your promotions, everything gets better. From passive sales to long term customers … all with automated sales machines that drive profits even when you’re not working.
Funnels: The Difference 
Between  Making Profits Or Losing Money 
There are heaps of fantastic products out there. But not as many fantastic marketers.

Many people work hard to create and promote products - either their own or those made by others.  And the majority of these people make WAY fewer sales than they should.  In fact, they often LOSE money on their promotions. Meanwhile, smart marketers are making
hands-free profits every single day for very little effort.
For every $1 in sales most people generate … 
Smart marketers are making $3, $4 or even $5
Just by properly using funnels in their promotions.
How To 3X Your Profits In 3 Short Steps 
Funnels are PROVEN to work, but can only
do their job when successfully applied.
Most people have no problem with step 1.

But often get “stuck” on steps 2 and 3 … which is where the money happens.

Many early students of JVZoo Academy Funnels were quickly able to understand funnel strategy. But when we followed up, very few were actually using them to increase profits.

Seeing this gap between “understanding” and “applying”, we created an over-the-shoulder, copy & paste SYSTEM anyone can plug in for profits.
Now It’s YOUR Turn To 
Skip Straight To The Profits 
JVZoo Academy Funnels - FAST TRACK
DFY Funnels & Traffic
For Plug & Play Profits

Walkthrough Of Funnel Secrets MasterClass 
Price Increasing In...
Funnel Secrets 'Fast Track' MasterClass

JVZoo Academy Funnels FAST TRACK takes ALL the guesswork
 out of EFFECTIVELY using funnels to drive sales.
Use it to start making more sales by this time tomorrow … 
Completely automate
your income … 
And generate 100% passive,
long term profits. 
Hands-Free Sales In Any Niche … EVERYTHING
You Need To Start Earning FAST Is Inside 
Over-The-Shoulder Video Training
See first-hand exactly how to QUICKLY apply funnels to your business to maximize profits.

Just copy the simple steps we share for the fastest possible results.
Copy / Paste Case Studies 
Get in-depth details of 3 top converting campaigns …

The products, the pricing, the system …

Then copy these funnels to apply to YOUR promotions! 

DFY Funnels 
Discover how to “funnel hack” successful promotions, then use them as blueprints you can plug in for PERSONAL profits 
Your All-In-One 
Funnel Profit SOLUTION 
  • We’re showing you step-by-step what to do,
    and exactly how to do it.
  • GIVING you top converting funnel templates.
  • Sharing our best traffic secrets … 
So you can start maximizing profits by this time tomorrow. 
Top-Converting Traffic 

Pack your funnels FULL of buyers … Maximize 100% free traffic … And increase conversions & profits at EVERY step of your funnels

With simple but POWERFUL methods that motivate OTHER marketers to send you traffic for free!
Your Access Also Includes:
Automated Selling Machines 
Combine automation and our optimization hacks for passive profits 24/7 … With funnels GUARANTEED to out convert the competition every single time! 
Multiple Income Streams 
Quickly plug in top converting funnels that maximize profits from BOTH: 
  • Affiliate promotions 
  • Your own products
Make EVERY promo a WINNER with optimized funnels that do the selling FOR you
Complete Collection Of 
Sales Page & Design Templates 
Save $1000s with these customizable templates you can use to maximize conversions on ANY offer 
What’s Working RIGHT NOW 
Top-earning marketers are constantly developing and testing new funnel strategies to optimize conversions and profits.

This is your chance to see what’s working for the very best marketers in the game … without doing ANY of the expensive testing yourself.

Each expert takes you behind the scenes to show you exactly how to copy their most profitable funnels, and apply them to your promotions.
See the Insider Profit Secrets of Elite Marketer Chris Hitman
CHRIS is a 7 figure digital marketer
and MASTER funnel creator. Watch him break down top converting funnels … so you can apply HIS methods in your business.
 He's the guy the EXPERTS go to
to optimize THEIR funnels - you get his top secrets INCLUDED with your access.

And copy & paste the proven shortcuts of many more top marketers, each EXPERTS in funnel strategy.
And COPY & PASTE the proven shortcuts 
of many more top marketers, each EXPERTS in funnel strategy. 
​​​​Premium Training INCLUDED 
To make sure you get the best results as QUICKLY as possible,
we’re including FIVE training webinars showing you how to get up and running fast.

We’ll take you by the hand and demonstrate step-by-step
how to plug in funnels to maximize your profits.

Show you EXACTLY how to apply automated funnels perfect for ANY promotion …
And give you shortcuts and tips to save you time while maximizing your results.

The REAL Secret To Life-Changing Profits Online 
You can have the best product.
Unlimited traffic.
A full time sales & development team.

But NONE of that matters if you don’t have top-converting funnels in place.

These things do the SELLING FOR YOU 
24/7 on complete AUTOPILOT 

They’ll help drive you free traffic.
Keep your customers happy.
Eliminate your competition.

And maximize your profits from EVERY SINGLE promotion.

Everything about JVZoo Funnels FAST TRACK has been built from the ground-up to make you the highest possible income in the shortest possible time.

There’s ZERO guesswork. We’ve tested these methods over and over again … they’re behind $4,000,000 in product sales.

We’ll show you exactly what to do, and when to do it.
And give you all the resources, shortcuts and templates to make it push button simple.

THIS is the difference between making $10 and $30 (or more) per sale.
THIS is the difference between marketers that make it, and those that fail.

Everything you need is right here.

So what are you waiting for? 
JOIN US NOW and let's work together 
to reach your online income goals
Price Increasing In...
Funnel Secrets 'Fast Track' MasterClass
Your Fast Track To Profits
Maybe you’re after an easy part-time income.
JVZoo Academy Funnels FAST TRACK will show you how to QUICKLY make the most amount of money in the least amount of time.

Possibly you’re interested in turning a hobby into cash.
You’ll see exactly how to make money from your personal interests - whether you want to promote physical or digital products.

You could be an existing marketer looking to scale things up.
We’ll walk you through how to optimize your existing funnels and exploit new niches.

Whatever your goals …
Wherever you’re at …
High Converting Funnels FAST TRACK has you covered.

Because these proven methods have UNLIMITED applications in the marketing world.

And no other system comes close to what we’re delivering here.
Proven methods.
Real world applications.
Step-by-step to profit.

To make sure you’re completely thrilled, we offer this unconditional 7 day money back guarantee:
Join JVZoo Academy Funnels FAST TRACK 
today and put it to use  for 7 full days. We’ll take on ALL 
the risk so your investment is  fully covered. 
See how to quickly set up profitable, AUTOMATED sales funnels that drive sales in any niche. Watch us break down top conversion strategies into easy to apply, simple steps you can apply right away.

Use the included shortcuts, traffic tips and resources to bring more profits into your business. Copy the methods of top JVZoo marketers to out convert your competition EVERY time. 
If for any reason in the next 7 days you don’t feel this program is for you, reach out to our support desk for a no-questions-asked refund.

You’ve got nothing to lose and a full 7 days to put these PROVEN profit strategies to use for personal profit. 
It’s time for you to tap into automation and real-world methods to make passive profits. Everything you need to make that happen FAST is waiting inside. 
  Sam Bakker 
Copyright JVZoo Academy 2017
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