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Sam Bakker
Nicole Louise
Welcome JV Partners and Friends 
Sam Bakker here. Some of you may know me as a guy thats developed and launched countless 6 figure software while generating millions in affiliate commissions. 
Today I’ve got something BRAND NEW
that will give you the chance to: 
  • Get paid OVER & OVER every time you promote. Not JUST with recurring commissions …
    But also with an innovative follow-up sequence where WE do the work and YOU get
    paid … for months and even YEARS after you promote

  • Provide valuable, results-based methods your subscribers really need
The JVZoo Academy Evergreen funnel 
AND affiliate program have been 3 years in the making 
The system is endorsed by JVZoo … so when you promote, JVZoo becomes your partner.
It’s promoting JVZoo Academy daily with RAW LINKS - meaning YOU make commissions from every cookied lead that buys from your emails or theirs.
The initial Sales Funnel includes 4 products: 
The FE has unlimited 
demand: it’s “essential
training” for marketers 
Priced for MAXIMUM
conversions … we’ve tested 
this extensively to optimize
the price point (Already in
2017 this has generated $320,000+) 
The upsells are very
relevant and include both software and more detailed,
step-by-step training that
include a number of
RECURRING offers. 
You can bank up to
$243 per sale
on this
optimized funnel
Which is just for starters.

Because we’ve got another 12 related products to offer your customers.

Obviously not in the same funnel … we’re in the business of helping your subscribers NOT overwhelming them. These additional products will be offered in a way that makes sense, helps your subscribers and long term helps you to maximize your commissions. 
How YOU’RE Going To Make Up To $997 Per Customer: 
Promote JVZoo Academy and we’ll cookie your leads to you for every sale made within the sequence.

  • We’ll retarget your leads on Facebook, so YOU make the sale
  • We’ll put your buyers through a multi-week email follow-up series … where we introduce new and relevant products, and YOU make commissions from every purchase
  • Important: we will NOT be promoting affiliate offers for our own gain to your subscribers. Your leads will only be offered relevant JVZoo Academy related products with YOUR link attached. 
Here’s Our Suggestions For How
You Can Promote this Evergreen Funnel: 
Schedule a few emails into your
follow-up series
Include a link on your bonus
and thank-you pages
Create some ads over
Facebook or promote this to
your Social Audience
These take no more than a few minutes to do and once you’ve done it you can sit back and watch our sales funnel work for you.
Obviously you could push this harder by doing a dedicated promo to your lists, running webinars or even social media blitzes [more details, including how I can help, below]

Let’s take a look inside the initial product:

JVZoo Academy was built from the ground up
to help both beginners AND struggling marketers to achieve real,
repeatable results as a product seller or affiliate. 

We include interviews with 4 top JVZoo marketers where students discover what’s working for them RIGHT NOW, and how they can apply it themselves 

This is the perfect entry point into the funnel - your customers will LOVE this!
3 detailed strategy guides covering our best affiliate marketing method, how to sell products through JVZoo effectively and how to increase product sales using a launch.
4 webinar trainings showing users exactly how to put the strategies into action. 
There’s a big emphasis on affiliate marketing because it’s in our opinion the best way new online marketers can generate results fast. Our strategy guide on affiliate marketing includes the systems behind over $2.3 million in commissions we’ve earned as JVZoo affiliates … and shows people how to quickly make up to $300 or more each day online 
We include interviews with 4 top JVZoo marketers where students discover what’s working for them RIGHT NOW, and how they can apply it themselves 
Customers of this upgrade get access to a Facebook group and Q&A Forum 
The Proven, HIGH Converting Funnel
WITH Recurring Commissions 
The JVZoo Academy funnel is STACKED in your favor.
Each upsell is highly relevant, meaning more commissions for you!
OTO-1: JVZoo Academy Mastery 
$67 / month @ 50% => $33.50
RECURRING monthly commissions 
Here users see how to AUTOMATE their online business and we give them the tools to do it.

The value for your subscribers is off the charts, and you’ll make great recurring monthly commissions. 
  • Proprietary JVZoo Academy Page Builder Software: create ANY web page in minutes from over 50 top converting templates and a powerful drag and drop editor
  • Unlimited PREMIUM hosting (saving users hundreds or more each year)
  • Over-the-shoulder video training, cheat sheets & case studies show how to apply EACH method of the system

  • 20 strategy interviews with top JVZoo marketers and MORE added each month

  • Private community forum and FB group access

  • 24/7 LIVE support

  • Regular content and software updates included
OTO-2: JVZoo Academy
MEMBERSHIP Site Upgrade 
$47 / month or $197 / year @ 50% => $23.50 monthly or $98.50 yearly recurring
Perfect upgrade from the JVZoo Academy software in OTO-1

Users can effortlessly create membership sites for ongoing income with ALL the bells & whistles:
  • Fully-protected membership sites
  • Large selection of stunning member’s areas to choose from

  • Opportunity for users to create recurring income streams

OTO-3: 60 Day Masterclass 
$197 @ 50% => $98.50 commissions
Ideal for beginners and anyone struggling to take action. We hold them by the hand thru the entire program and practically force them to succeed!
  • Step by step, DAILY action plans delivered straight to their inbox
  • Including video training and action plans they can follow to achieve their goals in about an hour each day
  • Breaks up the entire online earning method into “bite-sized” chunks, eliminating info overload and getting them results FAST
Up To $997 Per Lead WITH Recurring
Ongoing Passive Commissions 
MULTIPLE Ways You Can Promote For Recurring Profits:

Register Below And I’ll Send You Details On How You Can
Promote … And How I’ll PERSONALLY Help You! 
Get Your Custom Promo Package Now!
Thank you!
JVZoo Academy is backed by the founders of JVZoo itself. We’ve worked for YEARS to put together all the funnel products to give you something you can be PROUD to recommend … and make a LOT of money by doing so.

I’d love to have you on board, and will do everything I can to maximize your profits when you promote.

Let me know if there’s anything you need.
   Sam Bakker 
P.S. Everything shared in this letter is based on real world results. I started with my back against the wall, and against all odds became one of the top earners on JVZoo. You can literally just copy my shortcuts to reach your online income dreams.

P.P.S. Whatever you do, or don’t do, won’t change the fact that hundreds of BILLIONS of dollars are being spent online. This is your chance to get a slice. With a proven system and an unconditional guarantee. Get on board while you can! 
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