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Affiliate Marketing: The Rich Get Richer, But What About The Other 90%?

An independent survey commissioned by Rakuten Affiliate Network found that affiliate marketing is set to reach $6.8 billion by 2020
Another survey from VigLink offers a closer look … 9% generated more than $50,000 in affiliate income in 2016
—, July 2017

The Best AND WORST Way To Make Money Online

Find a marketer making 3-4 figure daily affiliate commissions... And he or she will tell you it’s the best way they’ve ever found to earn online

But talk to the 90% that struggle to make sales at all... And they’ll tell you that affiliate marketing is almost impossible.

The gap between success and failure is wider in affiliate marketing than in ANY other online income model.

Affiliate marketing is a very interesting career choice … very few other careers have such a low barrier to entry, and yet such a high failure rate
—, September 2015
Ten percent of the affiliates are the ones pushing 90% of the volume … if you’re willing to persist … it can be a very lucrative business
—, February 2017

But SUCCESSFUL Affiliate Marketing Can Mean:

In short, successful affiliate marketing is the ultimate internet lifestyle

Of course, that’s only once you’ve figured it out. For 90% of affiliate marketers, this never happens.

They continue to chase the “dream”, often buying courses and “push-button” systems that are big on hype and promises...

sam bakker photo

But short on results.

Hi this is Sam Bakker.

In the past 4 years, I’ve earned over $5 million dollars in affiliate commissions. That’s made me the 2nd highest earning affiliate in the history of JVZoo.

Like many, I was sold on the “dream” of affiliate marketing early in my online career. And like most, struggled VERY HARD in the beginning. But with a bit of luck and a lot of effort, now earn 7 figures in commissions every year.

If you’re interested in discovering exactly how to become a SUCCESSFUL affiliate marketer... Without the hype and without the exaggerated promises...

I’d love to help you.

In this message, I’ll expose 3 of the most common myths that hold 90% of affiliate marketers back.

And share some practical advice about what it takes to make consistent daily commissions.

Read on for the REAL facts about affiliate marketing.

Affiliate Marketing Myth #1— Push Button Profits

There are 1000s of courses teaching affiliate marketing. Very popular subject. Why?

It’s an easy dream to sell. Most people love the idea that they can make money with almost zero effort, and sadly many marketers take advantage of this.

You’ll hear things like:

Well let’s face facts. You’re on this page for a reason.
Meaning if you have tried methods that promised these things, they didn’t work out.

That’s not your fault... you were simply given bad information.

Affiliate Marketing Myth #2— You Don’t Need A List

OK, technically this isn’t a 100% myth.
You CAN make sales without a list... but you’ll never see consistent results.

Slapping an affiliate link on your social profiles and YouTube videos MIGHT bring in a sale once in a while...

But it’s an IMPOSSIBLE method to scale and make CONSISTENT income with.

The power of your own PERSONAL traffic source is undeniable, and we’ll discuss that in more detail in a bit.

Affiliate Marketing Myth #3— You Don’t Need Any Sales Skills

Reality check: affiliate marketing IS sales!

So while you don’t need to become an expert salesperson, there are some strategies you’ll need to convert traffic into commissions.

They’re not hard, but they are important.

Think of it this way. Not that long ago, salespeople went door-to-door selling vacuum cleaners. The best in the game knew their product and used a practiced “pitch”.

Top online affiliate marketers use these same methods to drive profits.

Your SUCCESS System: Step By Step To Daily Commissions

Once I stopped falling for the gimmicks and
approached affiliate marketing as a system,
everything changed.

There was no more “blanket marketing”,
where I just pasted links across social
media profiles and hoped to get lucky.

No more wasted time or effort
promoting products that
didn’t convert.

And no more chasing
“shiny buttons” that
promised push-button
riches just for turning
on my computer
each morning.

Instead, I created a plan based
on the same proven methods I’d used
in offline marketing & sales, well before I ever turned to the internet.

  • A systematic approach to affiliate marketing that relies on facts instead of “luck”... no more hoping & guessing, just results
  • A repeatable method to create a list — in any niche — that I could market to for consistent commissions... the power of a PERSONAL traffic source
  • A PROVEN way to convert prospects into sales with a simple sales tool I could use for any offer... template-based so it’s simple to copy & use over and over

If you’ve struggled to make consistent affiliate income Are just starting out and haven’t even made your first sale Or want to scale your business to the next level...

This step-by-step blueprint covers EVERYTHING you’ll ever need to know about becoming a successful affiliate marketer.

Meaning part time, job-replacing or even life-changing incomein the shortest time possible.

Here’s Just A SAMPLE Of What’s Possible With This Method:



AFTER My Affiliate Income Blueprint


Once you approach affiliate marketing as a business instead of a gimmick. And apply the methods I’m about to share... You can see results like those above in as little as 7 days

Don’t Want To Pay For Traffic?

You won’t have to as I reveal 6 completely free methods for driving traffic on demand.

Don’t Want To Create Your Own Products?

There’s no need with this system that gets you up and running FAST with zero product creation required.

Don’t Want To Spend Hours Each Day Struggling To Make Money?

This method shows you how to outsource and scale for a completely passive affiliate income stream.

Introducing: Million Dollar Affiliate

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case study approach
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Everything You Need Is Inside

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    Nothing held back — copy EVERY strategy I use daily to run a 7-figure affiliate marketing business
  • Traffic Made Simple

    Discover EFFECTIVE ways to drive traffic on any budget — both free & paid methods included
  • List Building Done Right

    Effective strategies for creating your PERSONAL traffic source in any niche
  • Email Marketing For The Win

    What to say, when to say it... and HOW... methods you can simply copy to drive commissions for any promo

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Top earners approach affiliate marketing as a business. The 90% that fail look for shortcuts and “magic buttons” that never work.

If you’re sick of the BS, tired of applying unproven methods and getting lousy results...

Million Dollar Affiliate is for you.

The method is simple. Repeatable.
And incredibly scalable.

There are NO LIMITS to how much you can make as an affiliate marketer.

3 Steps To Consistent Affiliate Commissions


Follow the SIMPLE & powerful list building methods inside.

You’ll see how to attract subscribers using multiple traffic sources... Find out where to get giveaway lead magnets that are completely DFY.

AND how to identify exactly what your subscribers want!


Find WINNING Offers To Promote

See the 5 criteria in choosing profitable offers perfect for your list … How to use the #1 MOST IMPORTANT factor to increase conversions … And step-by-step to getting all the tools you’ll need for a successful promotion


Creating Your HIGH CONVERTING Offers

Unlock the simple yet POWERFUL single page we use to drive massive commissions … Discover the step-by-step email marketing strategy to maximize your earnings … Even see what mistakes to avoid so you maximize profits today, tomorrow and long term

Million Dollar Affiliate Is Your COMPLETE, Time-Tested & Proven Plan For Making Consistent Affiliate Commissions

Zero Guesswork

You’ll have a blueprint to follow and know EXACTLY what steps to take to earn affiliate income from every promotion


This systematic approach has been proven to work in multiple niches for all kinds of offers … use it for PREDICTABLE profits every time you promote

Scalable & Passive

Follow the included tips for how often to schedule promotions, when & what to outsource and you can quickly create a GROWING affiliate income that’s completely automated

A Closer Look Inside
Million Dollar Affiliate

The ONLY 2 Things You Need To Succeed With Affiliate Marketing — and how to get them
The Simple 5-Step, 99% SUCCESS Rate Plan For Profitable Promos — proven to work in any niche

Your Tool Box

The essential tools behind a successful affiliate marketing business

List Building Profits

4 proven methods to create your own personal traffic source

Traffic From A-Z

6 free methods plus paid options for a non-stop flow of subscribers

Give ‘em What They Want

Exactly how to determine what solutions YOUR subscribers will pay for

Finding Gold

How to choose winning offers to maximize conversions

Perfect Offer Checklist

Follow these 5 criteria for picking products that’ll sell

Conversion Maximizers

How to stand out from the competition and keep your list buying from you

Bonus Pages

See how 1 simple page can do the “pre-selling” for you

Email Marketing For Pros

What to say, when to say it, and how often

Commission Booster

Proven checklist to maximize your commissions during any promo

You’ll Also Get The 2 Keys For Consistent And PASSIVE Affiliate Profits:

(A.K.A. How 10% Of Affiliates Make 90% Of The Money)

The Secret Of Reliable Income

The #1 mistake you MUST avoid, and exactly how to schedule your promos for the most profits

Passive Income Growth

What to outsource and when for CONSISTENT weekly take-home profits of $1260 or more

And That’s Not All!

Bonus #1 — 3 Affiliate Marketing Case Studies

Get a behind the scenes walk-thru of 3 highly successful campaigns. See for yourself why they worked, and how you can implement the SAME methods in your promos.

Bonus #2 — 3 Webinar Workshops

Join me LIVE on 3 calls where I’ll break down the affiliate marketing model in step-by-step detail. Get your questions answered and see first-hand what it takes to drive consistent commissions.

Bonus #3 — 5 Email Swipe Files

These 5 email swipe files are one of my closest guarded secrets. They’re the backbone behind HUNDREDS of 4 and 5 figure promotions.

You’ll get every one of them...

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2 Important Reasons:

FIRST, this is a MULTI-BILLION dollar industry where only about 1 out of 10 marketers are making any decent money. Competition isn’t even a consideration. The biggest problem faced by the digital marketing industry is there aren’t enough QUALIFIED marketers out there. As more skilled marketers enter the space, the ENTIRE market grows making things better for everyone.

SECOND, premium affiliates help my personal business. As a product developer, part of my income relies on top-level affiliates to promote my products. So if these methods help you become a more effective affiliate marketer, we all win.

So What’s The Catch?

What’s the value of discovering how to consistently make 3 figures PER day, conservatively, as an affiliate marketer?

How much do you think a 7 figure marketer would charge to share his or her EXACT method for making money online?

The answer to both questions is THOUSANDS of dollars.

Trying to figure this out on your own by trial and error or piecing together multiple products and systems would cost even more.

The fact is: if you already had a method for making 3-4 figure DAILY commissions with affiliate marketing...

You wouldn’t be here.

This PROVEN System Is Worth At LEAST $997

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Sam Bakker

Creator Of Million Dollar Affiliate

Thanks for checking out this page.

I hope you’ve discovered some important facts about affiliate marketing, and wish you the best in your online career.

P.S. Please remember this IS a limited time offer and the price will rise SHARPLY very soon. You have nothing to lose with my 100% money-back guarantee.

P.P.S. Affiliate marketing profits can either continue to be a dream, OR become your reality. This systemized approach can have you exceeding your goals in as little as 2 short weeks from right now... join us now and see for yourself!